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Anamnesis, is the virtual assistant of health professionals.

What are your symptoms ?

Anamnese, our solution improves the patient - doctor relationship

Pain Scale

Specify your ailments and feelings to not forget anything during the consultation


Your medical data is shareable but under your control

Multilingual icon

Answer in your language to avoid errors

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Benefit from better follow-up between two consultations

Features for patients

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Your Medical Records are safe

You control who accesses your personal health data. Our servers are secure and approved.

Visio icon

Exchange by video with doctors or nurses.

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Take the time to respond

It's important. And answer in the language that suits you. The precise answers will help your doctor to better treat you.

My Calendar
A coordinated care course

Manage in one place your appointments, exams, operations, reminders, and benefit from a follow-up between two consultations.

Medical regulation

Regulate upstream of appointment takes

Medical Record

Start consultations with comprehensive medical records


Facilitating exchanges with patients and colleagues to better care

Course of care

Overview of the patient journey, to choose the right protocol

Features for healthcare professionals

Patient Monitoring
A coordinated care course

Recalling the patient's history, and allowing a simplified choice of follow-up protocol.

Video camera icon
Swap by video, and by notes

Remotely with a patient or any confrere authorized in the eParcours.

Medical Record
An exhaustive medical record filled upstream

Facilitating the regulation and scheduling of appointments.

My Calendar
Calendar management and simplified appointment making

Thanks to an easy-to-use platform.

Our achievements

Studio santé
Studio Health assists doctors in chronic pain counselling
The Anesthesia software suite (patient questionnaire, restitution, scoring...) with Moebius
Groupe SOS
Software Suite for EHPAD and anesthesia consultations within the GroupesSOS
Preventive Medicine: Health Check, Addictologie tobacco, alcohol, substances...

They talk about us

Privacy Policy

  • Security and confidentiality of your personal data.
  • Security and confidentiality of your personal data
  • puce
  • Your personal data are hosted on servers certified by the French Health Minister, in coordination with the EC.
  • Security and confidentiality of your personal data
  • puce
  • Your data are personal. You can validate who can access it, and you can at any time read, modify, or delete any of these information.
  • Control your personal data
  • puce
  • Your personal data are only used to help your Doctor making the right diagnosis or follow up on your health. It will never be shared with any body else, except with your informed consent.
  • Medical certificate
  • puce
  • Data filled in Anamnese are yours and are not shared not sold to anybody without your prior consent.
  • Your personal data are only accessed by people you choose