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Anamnesis, e-health service platform

The combination of AI and digital to improve patient pathways.

Medicine can no longer be more than curative.
This requires tools to accompany the patient throughout his journey: before, during and after the consultation.
By offering screening tools, e-regulation, coordination, teleconsultation, tele-monitoring, for each medical journey, Anamnesis ensures a continuum in the patient-health professional relationship to enrich the exchange time in consultation, and make medicine more humane and effective.

Software E-health platform

Our specificity

Anamnesis is an EXPLICABLE medical artificial intelligence

Since its creation 3 years ago at the incubator of the Ecole Polytechnique Anamnese has developed its own representation of medical knowledge (MKG) compatible with validated ontologies (CIM-10, Orphanet...), in which 10,000 diseases are interconnected, 4,000 symptoms, 3,000 risk factors, 15,000 medications.

Our hybrid artificial intelligence, combining symbolic (logical reasoning) and empirical methods (machine learning), allows us to help diagnose and learn from each new diagnosis thus constituting a self-learning medicine treatise.

These features can then be inserted into a digitally charged care pathway, to infer reasoning:

mdi-chevron-right Do I have this disease?
mdi-chevron-right What are my symptoms?
mdi-chevron-right Do I have the common complications of disease X?
mdi-chevron-right Do I have the side effects of drug Y?

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Our partners

Our medical software for each treatment journey using patented Anamnesis technology

Discover all the software using the ANAMNENEse e-health platform

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They're using us

To digitize their medical care paths, they trust us

Anamnesis is mainly used as a white label by medical organizations: Home Care Provider, Medical Software Publisher, E-Health Startup, EHPAD, Hospitals, Clinics, Occupational Health Service, or even by liberal health professionals

Our vision

Promoting 4P medicine in medical software

We help healthcare professionals reinvent the relationship patient-practitioner by coordinating the actors of care, around the patient and making the latter actor of his health.

Our artificial intelligence interrogates the patient in his language, taking the time that is needed, as would a medical assistant. This allows the structure of a comprehensive and homogeneous medical record, thus allowing the patient to be directed towards the right offer of care, but also and above all to better coordinate health professionals. allowing them to share this information.

We combine the expertise of digital and artificial intelligence to bring 4P medicine to all:

E-health platform

Our commitments

Facilitate interoperability between our solutions and existing software. Respect confidentiality and secure data (regulatory compliance). Ensure user support and training.

Anamnese in the press



Engineer, digital expert whose creation of yes.sncf in 2000


I.A. engineer co-author of two publications at the Technion Institute

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is located at the 130 rue de Lourmel 75 015 Paris
at the Techcare PARIS-CO incubator

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Our Guarantees

All of our Saas solutions are compliant with the RGPD, and the health data is hosted in FRANCE on HDS-certified servers (OVH). Many of our software are certified Class 1 medical device for better quality of our products. Finally, as part of our partnership with the ANS (obtained through the Galien Prize) we are at the forefront of the issues INS, E-CPS, and MSS.

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