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Anesthesia consultation software

Talk to your patient rather than rewrite a paper form

Before an operation, a patient must meet with his anesthesiologist to prepare the operation by assessing the patient's risks based on the patient's responses to a paper form. Anamnesis digitizes this questionnaire and personalizes it in order to evaluate each patient case and return a risk diagram to guide the doctor during his consultation by covering all the risks involved stages of the care journey.

The pre-anaesthetic patient journey explained in 3 minutes!

Pre-anaesthetic questionnaire

To best assess patient risks, you need as much as possible information. You're afraid it's too much, or you don't have enough time during the consultation to do it?
Why don't you put your patient to work? He's ready for it, because it's about his health...
In fact, today, he is already answering a long questionnaire, on 5 sheets that you Replace in the waiting room, not necessarily in his native language, with questions that sometimes don't concern him.

The Anesthesia consultation then consists of transcribing this information in the medical software.
By letting Anamnese question the patient in his language, at his own pace, through a totally quiz you make sure you have more accurate information about the patient, and so better evaluate his profile.

All this information is transcribed in our Anesthesia consulting software which is available in 8 languages, and on any medium, without installation.

Here's how it goes:


By sending the confirmation of appointment by email or SMS, Anamnese inserts a link on which the patient can click at any time to start or resume his history where he had stopped


By validating the anaesthesia questionnaire (medical history, allergies, current treatments...) and its administrative information


An early preoperative consultation covering all risk factors.


Restitution of the anesthesia questionnaire


A scroring of risk factors and instructions to follow


An integrated teleconsultation tool if needed


Improved recovery and results


Evaluation and feedback on the patient's experience from the dashboard. The nurses/doctors can check the progress of their patients and prioritize follow-up based on the degree of urgency.

An integrated approach to the care journey

  • picto A personalized questionnaire for each of your patients
  • picto An exaustative medical record to better assess the patient's full risk
  • picto SFAR-validated scoring thanks to our partnership with Moebius
  • picto Post-operative patient follow-up to ensure the remission of the patent

Concrete examples of our achievements that might interest you...

The Anesthesia software suite (patient questionnaire, restitution, scoring...) with Moebius
Groupe SOS
Software Suite for EHPAD and anesthesia consultations within the GroupesSOS

picto More than an anesthesia software, in a health care facility discover an all-in-one tool!

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