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Nurse caring for a resident in a nursing home

Thanks to Geri'App, I quickly obtain the opinion of local doctors, and the action to be taken, to adapt the care of my residents.

Coordinate health professionals between EHPAD, City, Hospital

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What is Geri'APP software for EHPAD?

Geri'App is a coordination service between nurses and doctors (treaters, coordinators, geriatricians) of proximity allowing to quickly know the conuite to be held in front of an elderly person.

Geri'app can be used from any tablet, smartphone, PC, (in SaaS), without installation, and combines different Anamnese modules (patient file, medical interrogation by artificial intelligence, sending notification by SMS to doctors, teleconsultation, dashboard, emergency trolley, INR process...) to assist the EHPAD nurse in her daily tasks, and soon the liberal nurse to facilitate home support.

Optimize the care pathway of an EHPAD resident in 6 steps

nurse and tabette The nurse assesses the patient's case and compiles an exhaustive medical file using Anamnese's intelligent medical questionnaire.

All physicians (coordinator, treating, and if necessary geriatrician...) in connection with the patient's care path are alerted immediately and can review the patient's medical file to recommend a course of action, and thus secure the nurse. health professionals in the care pathway

Teleconsultation A doubt? take advantage of our teleconsultation tool for better remote management of your patient.

In a few minutes my patient is taken care of. If his condition is not serious, the nurse receives the action to be taken validated by the doctor while waiting for his visit.

Medical prescription The nurse receives the doctor's prescriptions and can administer the protocol to her patient

A visit to the emergency room was avoided for Mrs. Dupont Senior satisfied

1 min to understand the coordination of the treatment course with Geri'APP!

The 3 main families of Geri'APP functionality!

Structure a comprehensive patient file to quickly obtain reliable expertise from a local doctor

  • Retrieving the history of the patient case (and previous care episodes)
  • Synchronization of the patient file with the EHPAD PGD
  • Inquiry by our AI Anamnesis of important symptoms to report to help the doctor make a diagnosis
  • Adding a photo of the patient case
  • Creation of an exhaustive medical file
  • Request for advice and action to be taken on a patient case
Patient dashboard
  • Access to all patient information (treatments, history, people to prevent, requests in progress...) from anywhere
  • Access to current or previous care episodes
  • Patient assessment according to known scales (GIR, ADL, IADL, MMS, GDS...) and their evolution over time
  • Synthetic clinical picture BUT exhaustive, allowing the doctor to quickly apprehend the patient's case
  • Diagnostic assistance
  • And NOW: Pill box management and preventing iatrogeny
Patient file

Coordinate health professionals to improve daily care

  • Sharing of patient information with other care providers for optimal management
  • Teleconsultation Module
doctor's video
  • Secure messaging / chat
  • Traceability of exchanges with other health professionals to prepare prescriptions (e.g. INR)
  • Attachments
  • To know if a doctor has seen my requests for advice, and how well the patient is being managed
  • Obtain a procedure to be followed validated by a doctor
  • Climb to the right effector if no confirmation of takeover.
  • Pre-emergency regulation to avoid embolization of emergency services
  • Possibility to make an appointment in the Physicians' Agenda

Enhanced medical monitoring

  • Be notified when a patient constant deviates from the objectives
  • Coaching of the patient to perform exercises after a return from hospital (e.g. RAAC)
  • Dashboard presenting the actions to be carried out (file to be treated, waiting for the doctor, instructions to be followed, notifications...)
computerized medical monitoring

In addition to a coordinated treatment plan, we guarantee you

  • check A support and assistance service
  • check Training your medical team in our software
  • check Respect and confidentiality of your data
Ehpad software certified hads

A concrete example of GERI'APP at SOS Group...

City-hospital coordination

Groupe SOS
Software Suite for EHPAD and anesthesia consultations within the GroupesSOS

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