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The Geri'APP software for What is EHPAD ?

Geri'App is a coordination service between nurses and doctors (contractors, coordinators, geriatrician) to quickly know what to do in front of an elderly person.

Geri'app can be used from any tablet, smartphone, PC, (in SaaS), without installation, and combines different modules of Anamnesis (patient file, medical examination by Artificial Intelligence, sending SMS notification to the doctor, teleconsultation, dashboard, emergency trolley, INR process...) to assist the EHPAD nurse in his day-to-day tasks, and soon the Liberal nurse to facilitate home support.

Optimize the care pathway of an EHPAD resident in 6 steps

1 min to understand the coordination of the treatment course with Geri'APP!

The 3 main families of Geri'APP functionality!

Evaluate a patient

Coordinate care

Monitor the patient

Structure a comprehensive patient file to quickly obtain reliable expertise from a local doctor

In addition to a coordinated treatment plan, we guarantee you

A support and assistance service Training your medical team in our software Respect and confidentiality of your data

A concrete example of GERI'APP at SOS Group...

Software Suite for EHPAD and anesthesia consultations within the GroupesSOS

The GERI'APP software at GROUPE SOS

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