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Anamnese, in partnership with inzee.care, accompanies you in the creation and theorganization of your CPTS.

Create a CPTS: :

What are the advantages?

A CPTS is a new way of organizing that has the main objectives of streamlining the patient care pathway by promoting access to patient care among city health professionals: home care professionals, health centres, health homes, etc.

In fact, by being the initiator, creator and actor of your CPTS, you are participating in the health of tomorrow:

inzee.care CPTS is a unique solution for the entire territory of your CPTS connected to your partners.

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A CPTS: what context?

The government's "My Health 2022" plan plans to bring together medical and para-medical actors in the coordination of city care in new groups called CPTS: Territorial Professional Health Community. These CPTSs are based on a health project adapted to the needs of the French population in a defined territory. The ARS plans to create 1000 CPTSs by 2022. Already, nearly 400 CPTS are being validated and this is just the beginning. CPTS will be the new mode of practice that will include all liberal professionals in the term. Without a CPTS project on your territory, the institutions will be able to impose a CPTS on your territory.

For whom?

As part of the deployment of CPTS in France, budgets are planned dedicated to the financing of digital solutions that promote territorial and clinical coordination of proximity among all CPTS city health professionals: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, midwives, podiatrists, speech therapists but also health professionals from health and social structures: surgeons: surgeons and surgeons: surgeons , social workers, etc.

How does it work? What features?

mdi-numeric-1-circle Addressing, repertory of health professionals and connecting

inzee.care CPTS is a new solution developed by health professionals.

It's a 24/7 mobile solution from a mobile app that benefits from secure hosting of health data: personal data protection and privacy.

mdi-numeric-2-circle Coordination - communication

With our sharing and coordination solution, you can safely exchange instant messaging in a circle of care around the patient who needs it. You receive notifications based on your work activity and your CPTS in your territory.

mdi-numeric-3-circle We also offer services such as

How can we help you?

Creating a CPTS is a motivating project that requires organization and methodology. That's why, in order to help you in this process, we have gathered all the information and documents necessary for the success of your project in one PACK, in the form of a toolkit.

Thus, our team accompanies you throughout the formation of your CPTS:

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