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Remote monitoring of patients against coronavirus

Personalized screening and monitoring to control the spread of coronavirus

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Supervise the health of patients, locally, to adapt health policy

Covid19 allows a hospital, occupational medicine, multidisciplinary health centre, CPTS, to offer a personalized and proactive follow-up to local patients by interviewing them daily, in their own language, on the evolution of their symptoms, to assess levels of risk, and the indicate in real time on a local dashboard.

A tool for local communication and proactive monitoring

From a portal giving instructions and the latest local information, a patient, employee, public service officer carries out his first tele-screening by answering in one of the from 10 languages to questions about his history, lifestyle, symptoms... At the end of the questionnaire, he or she is given a report with the options adapted to the local health care offer (if necessary), and may in any case ask to benefit from daily monitoring.


From the covidapp portal (made available to, and managed by the hospital / occupational medicine), the patient starts his or her screening

Portal to the covidapp solution of a hospital / occupational health care provider


By answering ANAMNESE's questions, the patient structures a patient file that allows for a risk assessment, and will serve as a guide for the healthcare professional during the teleconsultation contact (integrated into our solution)

Coronavirus History Screening Questionnaire
Evaluation of patient cases

On a dashboard, the covidapp regulation team checks the status of all patients, by severity (risk score) or pathognomonic symptom (Alert) or risk of aggravation, to prioritize the patients to be evaluated


Evaluation and feedback on the patient's experience from the dashboard. The nurses/doctors can check the progress of their patients and prioritize follow-up based on the degree of urgency.

Covid19 Dashboard for healthcare professionals


The health professional authorized by the hospital or occupational medicine, accesses the patient's file, and allows him/her to assess his/her situation, in order to include it in a simple FOLLOW-UP (low-risk patient), or MONITORING (at-risk patient) loop

Personalized patient follow-up

Every day each patient receives an email or SMS giving him/her access to a new personalized questionary (depending on his/her situation: follow-up / monitoring, history), in his/her language. The evolution of his symptoms will be taken into account by the Anamnesis application in order to re-evaluate the patient's case and possibly reprioritize it as a reminder or to encourage confinement.


the patient receives an e-mail or SMS, from which to start a new personalized questionnaire


the patient answers questions that are personalized to his or her situation, and in his or her own language.

2 min to understand the screening solution and follow-up!

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