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Manage staff availability by reducing staff health risks

Doubts about the evolution of coronavirus within your company? Thanks to our solution, control the evolution of the virus in your organization on a daily basis and ensure the prevention of health and psychosocial risks to your employees.

Deployed to 12,000 employees since March 24, 2020, covidHELP relies on the recommendations of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health France, as well as your occupational medicine, to give in real time, the distribution of excluded cases, contacts, possible, confirmed.

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Protect the health ofall your employees without accessing their health data

Your employees' responses are secure on certified health data servers.
Only a health professional can access it, to more carefully evaluate situations according to a prioritization made by our algorithms.
Management only visualizes the aptitude determined by health professionals.

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CovidHELP: The benefits for your organization

Controlling health risks, so that employees can work serenely

Introduce equity in CARE policy through seamless monitoring of your employees.

Managing resources to drive business continuity

CovidHELP: between 15 seconds and 2 minutes per employee each day to allow everyone to work serenely

Comment ça marche ?

Proven results on the ground

CovidHELP has been deployed since 24 March to 12,000 employees.
Its integrated solution allows 3 types of actors (employees /occupational medicine /employer) to interact to fight together covid19 by helping to detect a cluster as soon as possible. The employer thus has the necessary information to guarantee the safety of its employees without betraying any medical secrecy.

Dans 4 départements pour le suivi des pompiers

Out of a group of more than 12,000 users

None of the establishments (barracks) was forced to cease operations, and the citizen rescue service was able to continue safely.

mdi-format-quote-open Our staff has been very reactive in managing this crisis. With this accompaniment and the solutions, we feel better equipped, protected and we can also protect our families. mdi-format-quote-close

mdi-play-circle-outlineImplementation to SDIS03 mdi-play-circle-outlineImplementation to SDIS78 mdi-play-circle-outlineImplementation to SDIS77

Collect intelligently, understand and act

* Health data: only for the medical profession

** Skills/organizational data: without access to health data

CovidHELP operational in your company in 4 (four) days

Our teams deploy CovidHELP remotely, and help you put the tool in place with your teams.

CovidHELP: economic modalities


Once you've extracted your HR file, we technically only need 4 hours to activate your CovidHELP solution
However, having already done so several times, you need to allow more time for presentation to the CSE and OS, to help you prepare communication to employees, train health professionals, managers, and help you update your treatment registry and impact matrix (RGPD).
That's why we're talking about 4 days between the agreement and the launch of the solution to implement the covidHELP solution in an organization of 4000 employees, 10 health professionals, 20 managers, and 3 hierarchical levels of reporting.

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