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Coordinating the actions to be carried out to optimize the care journey

How to make sure that a patient has done her blood check-up, and her ultrasound, before the consultation with the midwife, then the anaesthetist...

Is the patient fasting, has he thought well about bringing his X-rays to the surgeon on the day of the operation?

Health care professionals sometimes spend a lot of time verifying that the prerequisites are well validated before providing care.

And it's a loss of luck or a waste of time for all the players when a grain of sand comes to the machine and postpone a consultation or an operation.

Coordinating practitioners in a multidisciplinary Journey

We accompany the patient before his consultation in his own course of care, ahead of the consultation. Once pre-admission is made, the first health data collected and secured allow health professionals to to coordinate to better manage the patient and its peculiarities. In short, we digitalize YOUR care path to accompany your patients, coordinate practitioners, and drive the quality of care across the chain.

e-Course in the geriatrics

Thus the e-Course component is used in our GeriApp software to coordinate: the EHPAD nurse or home care nurse, the medical coordinator, the treating physician, the nearest hospital geriatric physician, and Emergency services.

Notifications (by email, SMS, or browser) inform the recipient (patient, healthcare professional) that a notice is requested, that a behavior to be held has been validated...

our multilingual patient questionnaires

e-Course against the Covid

To monitor the symptoms of all there are not enough working doctors in a company. But if after a protocoled questionnaire,a patient risk assessment is made, only the most at-risk patients are referred to occupational physicians for evaluation. Coupled with screening, the e-Course component reduces the loss of luck for an employee who might not otherwise have contacted his doctor.

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