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An interoperable, shareable and secure Computerized Patient File

Anamnesis's patient record traces, historizes and consolidates information from: from the patient (following his answers to the questionnaire), from practitioners (in our consulting software), or from third-party software (after synchronization between IPR).

All data is stored:

mdi-chevron-right at the thinest level (symptom, history, test result, diagnostics, report...)

mdi-chevron-right using international codifications where possible (CIM-10, SNOWMED-CT...)

mdi-chevron-right on secure servers, in France, certified health data (HDS)

mdi-chevron-right in connection with an INS for each patient to increase identitovigilance

Secure access to health data

Anamnesis controls access to patient data. Thus, only health professionals:

mdi-chevron-right having a CPS or eCPS card, or authorized by a health facility

mdi-chevron-right part of the patient's care circle

mdi-chevron-right belonging to a service with access to patient data can access a patient's data.

Access to this data is stored on an audit trail in accordance with the regulations.

This security is important because it is personal data in the RGPD sense, which is, moreover, sensitive data. But when a medical record is printed, no one knows what happens to the information thus printed...

A shared patient file

By following the safety guidelines specified above, the ANENE PATIENT file can be accessible and modified by several health professionals. Including outside a health facility, as long as access rights have been granted, which facilitates coordination within a ward, hospital, ATP, or CPTS. No data is erased, all information is historized, signed and time-stamped for greater traceability.

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