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Referring patients to the right offer of care

Based on the responses to the Intelligent Questionnaires or Protocoled Questionnaires that you have selected for your patients, it is possible to determine

mdi-chevron-right diagnostic guidelines,

mdi-chevron-right the possibilities of urgent cases

mdi-chevron-right to which specialty to direct the patient

This is the role of the e-regulation component.

e-regulation ahead of consultations

Like medical assistants, Anamnesis can interview patients to direct them (depending on your organization) to

mdi-chevron-right a later appointment

mdi-chevron-right an emergency

mdi-chevron-right a first teleconsultation check

mdi-chevron-right the nurse from your CPTS if you have ceremonial some care

A personalized care journey

Through regular evaluation of patients in your active queue, and by combining the intelligent questionnaire, Protocolized Questionnaire and e-regulation components, you will have a wink the current condition of your patients within the patient Telesuivi component, and will be able to offer a teleconsultation for a clear doubt, without waiting for the next consultation in 4 to 5 months.

our multilingual patient questionnaires

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