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A modular and interoperable esanté Platform

Since the creation of Anamnese at the École Polytechnique in 2017, and thanks to the experience of our two founders:

mdi-chevron-right Jérôme Bourreau in digital transformation for 20 years
mdi-chevron-right Raphael Canyasse in Artificial Intelligence

we were able to develop and commercialize several software programs to digitize the treatment paths in Undernutrition, Anesthesia, Geriatrics, Covid19.

On the face of it, there is no relationship between undernutrition screening, a pre- and post-operative route, a telesuivi covid19... And yet thanks to our modular e-health service platform these applications share nearly 70% of the computer codein common.

What is different is the business process, medical described by health professionals, and the service that will use it.

Anamnese makes its digital and AI know-how available within its e-health platform to assist healthcare professionals, freeing them up for the time they can spend with patients.

Digitalisation of care paths for all

You are a Hospital/ Clinic / Software Editor / Consultant / Entrepreneur, and you want to develop an innovative patient journey:

mdi-chevron-right facilitate regulation/referral of patients

mdi-chevron-right optimize rdV intakes according to patient motive, availability of caregivers

mdi-chevron-right organize a RAAC protocol to increase the ambulatory rate

mdi-chevron-right lead a clinical trial

You want to use robust, already proven, and regulatoryly compliant solutions... we are complementary:

mdi-chevron-right You have the medical knowledge, and the idea

mdi-chevron-right We have the platform with many e-health modules already used, and the knowledge of the regulations so that you stay focused on the episode of care to improve.

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Components to digitize every step of the care journey

All of our components are:

mdi-chevron-right responsives, i.e. they work as well on smartphone, tablet, PC/MAC

secure mdi-chevron-right: we use HDS (health data) servers, based in France.

robust mdi-chevron-right: they are already used elsewhere

interoperable mdi-chevron-right: We are not (yet) connected to all IPRs... but we're working on it

All of our components

Medical software made by Anamnesis "on demand"

Do you have a plan?

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Medical software edited and operated by Anamnesis

To date, we can offer you turnkey solutions:

mdi-chevron-right CovidHELP (screening and telesuivi covid) deployed since 24 March to 12,000 employees.

mdi-chevron-right ANESTHESIA: digitalization of the pre- and post-operative care pathway

mdi-chevron-right CPTS: coordination of practitioners in health territory.

mdi-chevron-right TELECONSULTATION

mdi-chevron-right and soon URGENCES and Psychiatry (mentana.fr)

Retrouvez ici tous nos logiciels opérés par Anamnèse.

Your need is not in the list? you want to co-build it with us

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