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Improving patient admission through a validated administrative file

Why have the patient fill out a paper sheet in the waiting room and then transcribe the information into your ICH? Or let him for 5 to 10 minutes answer the host's questions by spelling his name to avoid any problems of identitovigilance? And if it was the patient himself, who, in the waiting room or at home, after taking appointments, filled his administrative file by attaching the necessary documents to the digital format: ID card, vital card, mutual, consent, pre-filling of the medical file (history, treatments ...) so that the reception is rather there to validate the information in your SIH and guide the patient.

Identito Vigilance and National Health ID (INS)

To do this, our pre-admission component makes it easier for the reception or medical secretariat to interact with the patient.

The data is collected in accordance with the RGPD, Anamnesis being the subcontractor of your processing manager.

Allow the patient to complete, complete, modify his administrative file .

From 1 January 2021, it becomes mandatory to refer any health data with the national health ID (and its identity traits) to avoid errors in the identification of those in care.

In addition, in order to provide better follow-up to patients, you need the most comprehensive administrative record possible.

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