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Personalize medical questionnaires

Thanks to our modelling of medical knowledge our artificial intelligence chooses the right questions to ask the patient, depending on the context, the information already known to the patient, and this, in the language of his choice (today our 18,000 questions and answers are translated into 10 languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Greek.

From now on the language barrier is less of an obstacle to providing optimal care for your patients.

Unique medical knowledge, different ways to interview the patient

It is from the same common medical knowledge that different health professionals assess the situation of their patients by asking them the right questions.

mdi-chevron-right The infectious disease doctor will screen by questioning his patient about the symptoms of covid19

mdi-chevron-right The emergency physician will regulate by assessing whether his patient has the symptoms of a serious situation

mdi-chevron-right The attending physician will evaluate diagnostic guidelines by asking questions about the symptoms of the most likely diseases for a patient

mdi-chevron-right The specialist doctor will check if his patient with chronic disease does not have the symptoms of known complications of his disease

In the same way, using different questioning strategies (detecting, regulating, evaluating, checking...) we can dynamically create as many questionnaires to answer each problem in a digitalized care path.

Helping the patient prepare for his or her medical consultation

To regulate a patient towards the right offer of care, or to determine whether the patient should not come up with the results of a follow-up examination at the time of consultation or teleconsultation.

Try the evaluation questionnaire

Anamnese prepares your medical consultation step by step

Screening for disease

For example for:

mdi-chevron-right check whether a patient is likely to have covid-19 and refer to a presental consultation or teleconsultation.

mdi-chevron-right assess a patient's level of tobacco addiction before an appointment at the addiction centre.

Tracking a patient

Our algorithm (BETA) generates a dynamic questionnaire on the symptoms and risk factors of a disease or medical situation to administer it to the patients you are targeting. This allows you to customize your patients' care journey. thanks to this algorithm, our application automatically generates screening and specialized consultation questionnaires. Examples: Migraine, Sleep, Addictology...

Screening and diagnosis facilitated by reliable history

Use the patient's waiting time before the consultation to remember the history of the disease. Get out of the language barrier, by allowing your patients to respond in the language that matters them most, Anamnesis will give you back their answers in YOUR language.

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