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Protocoled questionnaire

To assess a patient's condition factually and in an opposable way or to track its progress over time, it is necessary to use the scores.

The latter, scientifically verified, have often been published in a scientific journal, to which to refer...

Anamnesis allows you to access a score library, in the form of a self-administered questionnaire or hetero-quiz, so that the patient can help you prepare for their consultation, or give you the elements for a tele-additional information.

Scientifically validated medical questionnaires

Anamnese offers a library of questionnaires validated by the scientific community (e.g. Fagerstrom, SF-36, KOOS, QSP-9...) corresponding to most medical situations.

Whether it's tracking the evolution of ankylosing spondylitis through BASDAI and BASFI, or determining the degree of nicotine dependence (FAGERSTROM) to direct your patient to the appropriate addiction center, numerous scientifically validated scores at the international level make it possible to objectify a medical decision.

Depending on the course of care you wish to implement, these questionnaires can be self-administered to the patient, in screening, just before the consultation, every month, after treatment... and the results may lead to a clinical trial.

Create your own medical questionnaires easily

You are conducting a clinical trial and you want to compare the results objectively by taking into account "blind" the responses of patients in both the optimized branch and the control branch?

Create your protocolized questionnaires on the history platform and send the survey to the frequency you want.

Patient data will be secured on our HDS servers, and depending on the protocol and patient agreement you will be able to retrieve either the personal data or the statistical data.

Tracking scores over time

To better track all of your actively queued patients, ask, and you will review the changes and alerts between consultations, thanks to the telesuivi module.

The information collected allows you during the consultation to have a better understanding of the patient's situation, and thus deepen the exchange with the patient.

Or if this information has been collected as part of a protocol, it can contribute to the drafting of a scientific publication.

Making the patient an actor in his health

By allowing Anamnesis to question the patient between consultations (for example, on adherence to treatment, or the reduction in treatment symptoms, or worsening), the patient gets involved and becomes an actor in his health. And failing that he remembers the history of his illness, his feelings, to give you the right answers during the consultation.

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