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Regulatory compliance of the ANENENEe e-health platform

Innovating in health is therefore not easy. That's why we want with the ANAMENE platform to manage as much stress as possible so that you can focus on care, innovation, improving patient service by relying on the platform for

mdi-chevron-right data security in HDS

mdi-chevron-right the need for medical device

mdi-chevron-right compliance with ANS rules

mdi-chevron-right anticipation of the 5 orientations of the "digital shift in health"

mdi-chevron-right the RGPD

Data security in HDS

Anamnese has its own "secure private cloud" hosted by OVH, a French company, certified HDS (Health Data Accommodation). Our servers are redundant, hosted in Lille. Namnese complies with all HDS constraints to offer secure HDS services to its customers.

Medical device

Filing a medical device is your responsibility with the ANSM. However, we can help you, as a subcontractor, by explaining our procedures stemming from

mdi-chevron-right ISO 13485: SMQ: quality management system

mdi-chevron-right ISO 14971: GdR: Medical Device Risk Management

In addition, we have filed two of our software: CovidHELP and Anesthesia in DM1, and we accompany StudioSANTE for the filing of EYO in Medical Device also.

Partnership with the Digital Health Agency (ANS)

The Galien Prize won in December 2019 allowed us to benefit from a partnership with the ANS. In this context, we implement in all our software:

mdi-chevron-right the INS: National Health ID, thus respecting the patient's identitovigilance and the confidentiality of his data, even in the case of namesake.

mdi-chevron-right securing access through authentication of health professionals by CPS/eCPS

mdi-chevron-right the ability to use the MSS

Accelerating the digital shift in health

MaSanté 2022 is a digital health transformation programme in France. Anamnesis is a facilitator for the implementation of new e-health services. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has prioritized 5 main directions to "accelerate the digital shift in health", you have the ideas, we have the technology and the experience of digital transformation.


Anamnesis acts as a subcontractor to your treatment manager. However, although this is not in our remit, we can help you

mdi-chevron-right clarifying your service's privacy policy

mdi-chevron-right refining the General Terms of Use

mdi-chevron-right providing a model suitable for your impact matrix solution, and treatment registry

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