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Secure and easy-to-use teleconsultation

Including many features, beyond simple video, to try to make teleconsultation as effective as a face-to-face consultation, our solution is:

secure mdi-chevron-right: proprietary technology and servers in France

proven mdi-chevron-right: already used by more than 100,000 patients to date

mdi-chevron-right recommended by several URPS.

More than 3000 teleconsultations BY DAY in full covid

During the containment, we made available free of charge our secure teleconsultation solution (in peer to peer secure or via HDS servers in France for compatibility with hospital firewalls / EHPAD) through our partnership with Inzee.care.

A full teleconsultation offer for liberal practitioners is also available on this link.

Many features built into the teleconsultation

The teleconsultation component can be integrated with other components (telepayment, teletransmission, connection to the SIH...), as we did in our software: covidHELP, teleconsultation for liberal and GeriApp

Do you have a care course project including teleconsultation?

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