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Remote patient monitoring: telemedicine, tele-monitoring, teleconsultation

So you can offer personalized follow-up of your patients

mdi-chevron-right between consultations

mdi-chevron-right in post-operative to promote outpatient

mdi-chevron-right within a RaaC protocol

mdi-chevron-right in a clinical trial

mdi-chevron-right as part of a rehabilitation

mdi-chevron-right to detect any alert

Namnesis interviews your patients using intelligent questionnaires or the protocoled questionnaires and returns the different results in a dashboard so that your medical assistant, nurse coordinator, health manager or doctor can sort according to the risks, scores, protocol used, geographical area, date of last consultation or operation...

a dashboard of all your patient.

Find in the blink of an eye all your patients, sorted according to their region, date of last visit, last condition as evaluated remotely by Anamnese, to help you prioritize which ones

mdi-chevron-right raise (when they haven't yet performed their further exams)
mdi-chevron-right to remember as a priority, as part of a post-operative follow-up
mdi-chevron-right ...

A statistical display of your patient according to your specialty.

The Covid19 algorithm of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health

Recommended by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, we offer a secure teleconsultation platform, allowing you to maintain the medical link with your patients (even in case of resumption of covid), and to offer real medical expertise for

mdi-chevron-right follow-up of low-risk patients

mdi-chevron-right screening for certain complications

How does tele-monitoring work?

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