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Preventive health solutions for the company

You are a risk manager, Covid19 referent, human resources manager, occupational physician, risk prevention office, or HR consultancy. The health of your employees is a priority, all the more so in the epidemic context and for the management of deconfinement. We offer you management solutions epidemic and psychosocial risks for effective prevention adapted to new needs.

Discover CovidHELP

CovidHELP: manage your resources by controlling the risks

Obligation of prevention and safety

By informing each employee about their health

By empowering the spread of

Availability of human resources

Real-time visibility on available resources

Piloting tools in decision support

CovidHELP n'est pas un outil de dépistage : Il facilite le travail de prévention du médecin du travail, en priorisant les cas à dépister/ à suivre de près / sans risque immédiat.
Nous aidons à avoir une vision temps réel des cas confirmés, probables, possibles… selon les définitions de Santé Publique France

Medical data can only be accessed by health professionals (on secure servers).

Ensuring your obligation to prevent risks

Anamnèse a conçu les nouveaux outils indispensables de la prévention des risques sanitaires en entreprise, dans le contexte épidémique Covid19. Vous garantissez à vos salariés que tout est mis en oeuvre pour leur sécurité en mettant en place le suivi quotidien de leurs symptômes (qu’ils viennent au travail, ou qu’ils soient en télétravail, ou en isolement) et ce, afin de détecter au plus tôt tout nouveau foyer d’épidémie. Prochainement cette solution de gestion de la prévention chez vos collaborateurs inclura la gestion des risques psycho-sociaux (RPS), mais aussi une évaluation de la Qualité de Vie au Travail (QVT)

Manage staff availability

By preventing contagions, Anamnesis reduces the risk of illness and absence. The clear visibility of aptitudes and incapacities allows a smooth management of the patient's health planning and personal.

Because our tools are designed by and for you (companies, risk managers and occupational physicians...), they adapt to your needs

A nomadic tool

Our tool can be used on different supports (computer, laptop, tablet...) wherever you are and at any time

Confidentiality and security of employee data

We guarantee a strong seal between
mdi-chevron-rightmedical data only available to healthcare professionals
mdi-chevron-rightskills information accessible to managers this is in full compliance with the company's prohibition on access to the employee's medical data.

In addition, the data is hosted with a certified Health Data Hosting (HDS) provider by the Ministry of Health. Anamnèse also undertakes to respect the RGPD. The management of the company manages non-medical data, separated from the medical data accessible to occupational physicians.

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