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We offer you in a single tool a grouping of digital solutions
Designed by and for health professionals, which is part of the Ma Santé 2022 bill as solution to the daily problems of your business. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to improve the quality and efficiency of your services.

coordination ville hôpital

Better coordination of city-hospital care between health actors

Our tool facilitates coordination between health actors involved in a patient file. It thus makes it possible to to obtain an overview of all the elements related to his or her care path (exams biological, photos of the wound, previous orders and instructions of the colleagues...) for a better care.

Optimizing medical resources with upstream patient records

Your consultation begins upstream with the help of our intelligence which reproduces the medical reasoning. Anamnese will ask your patients in their own language about their symptoms. The information thus collected on their background, treatments, risk factors, symptoms allow you to to structure comprehensive medical records.

dossier médical préparé en amont

Facilitate outpatient care through remote patient follow-up under RAAC protocol

Anamnese facilitates the medical follow-up of your patients by applying your protocols (pre- and post-operative RAAC protocol, physical coaching and nutritional). The goal is to is to help you improve your patients' recovery while reducing the time it takes to recover stay and overall morbidity, without impacting the quality of care.

Your emergency medical regulatory assistant

The medical information collected from the patient on these symptoms will us allow him/her to be directed towards the right care offer according to the reason and the degree of urgency. In this way, we facilitate the regulation of the transition to emergencies

régulation urgence

And because our tools are designed by and for you healthcare professionals, they adapt to your needs


A nomadic medical tool

Our tool can be used on different media (computer, laptop, tablet...) wherever you are and at any time


Medical data traceability

We trace the exchanges between the patient, anamnese, and you at different stages of the journey of to take care of sth. This information is stored securely so that it can retrieve the history of these exchanges if necessary.


Privacy and security of your patients' data

The privacy and security of your health data are at the heart of our concerns. It's why we take special care to protect them:

Your personal data is hosted by a licensed health data host (HDS) certified by the Ministry of Health.

Learn more about our privacy policy

The interoperability of our software

Our tool has been designed to facilitate interoperability between our software and software Existing. We can connect to hospitals, clinics, health homes, EHPAD through HL7, HPRIM, CDA-2R protocols.

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idea Did you know that? Anamnese helps you to prepare your anaesthesia consultations and coordinate the hospital-ehpad care process

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No need for paper forms! Our Anam'nesthesia software assesses all risks with you before the operation in your language and at your own pace, so that you can feel more confident before your anesthesia

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With Geri'app, you benefit from better regulation to control the sending of your patients to the emergency room and better coordination of the care process thanks to a shared medical file

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To reduce the embolization of emergencies, Anamnese interviews the patient upon arrival to assist the reception and orientation nurse

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CPTS, our medical software is a solution for coordinating healthcare professionals