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Add interoperable e-health modules to help enrich your medical software offering.

You are a health software publisher, or medical solution integrator, and you want to offer care path digitalization services to your customers? Do you want your software to communicate more easily with others, to provide better services to your users? Use our company Anamnese, a digital and AI expert, to include value-added services in your software.

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Creating new digital services in e-health

Namnese has developed numerous SaaS modules, hosted on HDS servers (accredited health data). These modules have been designed from the moment they are designed to be interoperable with each other or with software to facilitate the implementation of e-health services.

OUR OBJECTIVE: helping health workers (doctors, health facilities, health centres medical-social services, or software publishers) to more easily use new services (Artificial Intelligence, coordination) to improve patient health:

Our e-health components facilitating interoperability

Software publishers/integrators who already trust us

Support and assistance service

Anamnese's commissioning teams support each software publisher from defining its need to deploying the solution.

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