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Creating new digital services in e-health

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Anamnesis has developed many SaaS modules, hosted on HDS servers (approved health data). These modules have been designed from the outset to be interoperable with each other or with third-party software to facilitate the implementation of e-health services.

OUR OBJECTIVE: to help health actors (doctors, health establishments, centres medico-social, or software publishers to use new services more easily (Artificial Intelligence, digital, coordination) to improve patient health

  • Create a new patient journey
  • Enhance an existing and proven software
  • Save development time

Bring new features to your users WITHIN your business software

  • PREVENTION: health check-up, Addiction assessment, Burn out, scales recognized by learned societies
  • MEDICAL INTERROGATORY: in 10 languages, to prepare a consultation, by inserting the patient's responses in your PGD (Computerized Patient Record)
  • PRE-ADMISSION: let the patient enter his administrative information to that the patient-physician exchange time be ONLY medical time
  • DIAGNOSTICAL HELP: with differential diagnosis
  • TELECONSULTATION / TELE EXPERTISE: secure chat and video modules for exchange between health professionals on a patient case
  • TELEMEDICINE: remote patient follow-up protocols
  • WORKFLOW PAPER: support the patient throughout his or her care, from leaving the practice (examinations to be carried out, appointments to be made...)
  • HOSPITAL CITY COORDINATION: data sharing between authorized practitioners by the patient
  • DRAFT TABLE: for coordinating nurse, know what happens patients to prioritize incoming calls.
software integrator

Software publishers/integrators who already trust us

Studio santé
Studio Health assists doctors in chronic pain counselling
Bow medical
Anesthesia software suite (patient questionnaire, restitution, FSSR recommendation, etc.)
The Anesthesia software suite (patient questionnaire, restitution, scoring...) with Moebius

Support and assistance service

assistance logiciel anamnese

Anamnese's commissioning teams support each software publisher from the definition of its needs to the deployment of the solution.

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