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Facilitate the advice of the attending physician or the co-ordinator

Thanks to a comprehensive, structured and shareable patient record.

Anamnese helps the nurse or caregiver build up a comprehensive medical record, supplementing the IPR of your EHPAD software (history, treatments, etc.), with the symptoms found, information taken by answering Anamnese's questions. This complete file then allows any local doctor, to be notified, and to assess the patient's condition in the blink of an eye, in order to to indicate the conduct to be held, and the orientation of the care route, even at a distance.

regulate emergencies

Assistance in regulating the delivery of patients to emergency rooms

Thanks to a medical questionnaire conducted by artificial intelligence.

Anamnese helps the nurse or caregiver ask the right questions to the patient in order to to paint the most accurate picture of the patient.
This patient record facilitates remote assessment by the treating physician, coordinator or geriatrician, and allows exchanges with the patient (by teleconsultation, secure messaging) in order to have quickly all the information to choose the most appropriate care offer, and avoid, when it is is not necessary, a visit to the emergency room.
Without being supported by the care circle within a certain period of time, our software manages climbing and connected with neighbouring services (multi-disciplinary health home, CPTS, or hospital) so that the soigants can spend more time at the patient's bedside.

regulate emergencies
care pathway
care pathway

Inter-professional coordinated care pathways: EHPAD-Ville-Hospital

Our solution allows professionals to interact more easily around a patient file shared (symptoms, history, past and current treatments, photos of a wound, biological examinations...) with the help of tools such as

  • secure messaging / chat
  • video consultation
  • sharing the conduct to be held/direction within the care circle
  • notify another practitioner about the patient Health record for checking

to choose the most effective care for the patient.

regulate emergencies

A teleconsultation tool for retirement home


Each health professional who is part of the patient care journey (treating physician, co-ordinator, geriatrician) can, in the same tool, access the patient file, carry out a teleconsultation, take a photo during the teleconsultation and add it to the medical record.


You want the opinion of a colleague, our tool allows you to solicit health professionals related to your patient's medical records.

regulate emergencies

Make it easier for your patients to be monitored by your patients

The information of your patients thus reassembled is consolidated in a table which allows, remotely, to monitor the condition of all your patients according to a protocol decided by follow-up between consultations, post-operation follow-up, or clinical trial.

And because our tools are designed by and for you healthcare professionals, they adapt to your needs


A nomadic medical tool

Our tool can be used on different media (computer, laptop, tablet...) wherever you are and at any time


Medical data traceability

We trace the exchanges between the patient, anamnese, and you at different stages of the journey of to take care of sth. This information is stored securely so that it can retrieve the history of these exchanges if necessary.


Privacy and security of your patients' data

The privacy and security of your health data are at the heart of our concerns. It's why we take special care to protect them:

Your personal data is hosted by a licensed health data host (HDS) certified by the Ministry of Health.

Learn more about our privacy policy

The interoperability of our software

Our tool has been designed to facilitate interoperability between our software and software Existing. We can connect to hospitals, clinics, health homes, EHPAD through HL7, HPRIM, CDA-2R protocols.

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idea Did you know that? Our GERI'APP tool has been specially designed to meet these needs

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You can't be present at the Ehpad today and one of your patients asks for a treatment, with Geri'app you are immediately alerted and thus you can read the patient's medical file in order to propose a course of action when the patient's case is not a medical emergency

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