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Medical-social center - your care software

The coordination solution between nurses, medical coordinators, treaters, geriatrics, and the emergency department to guide your residents effectively towards the right offer of care. We facilitate the collaboration between health professionals around a medical file (connected to the IPR of ehPAD and the hospital), enriched by the interrogation conducted by our AI, to make more efficient use of our teleconsultations, notifications, follow-up... In order to direct your residents to the right offer of care and avoid, when it is not necessary, a passage to the emergency room.

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Inter-professional coordinated care pathways: EHPAD-Ville-Hospital

Our solution allows professionals to interact more easily around a patient file shared (symptoms, history, past and current treatments, photos of a wound, biological examinations...) with the help of tools such as :

mdi-chevron-rightsecure messaging / chat

mdi-chevron-rightvideo consultation

mdi-chevron-rightsharing the conduct to be held/direction within the care circle

mdi-chevron-rightnotify another practitioner about the patient Health record for checking

to choose the most effective care for the patient.

A teleconsultation tool for retirement home


Each health professional who is part of the patient care journey (treating physician, co-ordinator, geriatrician) can, in the same tool, access the patient file, carry out a teleconsultation, take a photo during the teleconsultation and add it to the medical record.


Would you like the opinion of a colleague? Our tool allows you to solicit health professionals in connection with your patient and his medical record.

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Did you know that? Our GERI'APP tool has been specially designed to meet these needs

You cannot be present at the Ehpad today and one of your patients is asking for care, with Geri'app you are alerted immediately and so you can read the patient's medical record in order to propose a course to take when the patient's case is not a medical emergency.

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