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Pain: Put words on your ailments
Pain: Put words on your ailments

Prepare your medical consultation online so you don't forget anything

Our artificial intelligence learns from the medical knowledge taught in medical school and the diagnoses chosen by each physician to find out which questions ask, when, and under which circumstances.
It allows you to:
  • specify your pains and feelings, in your language, at your convenience
  • modify previous responses to be more precise (e.g. when pain occurs)
  • take a picture of your wound, the doctor will be able to understand its evolution
  • indicate your previous consultations, treatments, results
The information collected structures a complete medical record and will only be transmitted to doctors you've indicated.

Steps to prepare for my medical consultation
Hourglass: saving time

Save time, be oriented towards the right care offer

Based on your answers to Anamnesis' questions, we compile a medical file that allows your practitioner to quickly assess your situation and you:
  • direct towards the right care offer (specialist, generalist, centre of expertise, etc.)
  • prescribe additional examinations to be carried out beforehand, for the medical appointment
Thus, the first consultation will lead more quickly to the right diagnosis.

Understand how we assess your symptoms to guide you

Hourglass: saving time
Heart on the hand: finer diagnosis
Heart on the hand: finer diagnosis

Get a finer, faster diagnosis

This medical record gives the doctor a synthetic view of your state of health:
  • your history, symptoms, ongoing treatments
  • previous consultations of your care journey
  • other information you would have deemed useless
All this information will inform the practitioner on the paths of diagnosis to be confirmed/confirmed during the consultation to avoid missing out on something.
Faced with a prepared file, your doctor will be able to deploy all his knowledge and experience to better to heal you.
Chart tracking patient metrics

Enjoy better patient medical follow-up between consultations

Are you out of hospital or are you being followed for a chronic condition? From home, Anamnese follows your doctor's protocol for:
  • monitor your constants: weight, tension...
  • assess your appetite, morale, sleep, adherence to treatments...
  • monitor symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, pain...
  • help with your rehabilitation through physical, nutritional exercise coaching...
This information is returned to your medical or nurse coordinator for medical follow-up at to react before any complications, or to check that everything is fine.
Chart tracking patient metrics

Making medical teleconsultation more effective

Thanks to the patient file prepared by Anamnèse, the doctor with whom you wish to teleconsult will be able to take note of your symptoms, your history, any photos or assessments you have added, and prepare the consultation so that your exchange is more humane, richer, and as effective as a physical consultation.
The file thus prepared makes it possible to direct you towards the right health professionals, and to erase the effects of a medical desert.

Solution for PC, tablet, smartphone

Check my medical records at any time and on any support

Your medical file is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both in France and during your travel abroad and this on any digital medium (phone, tablet, computer...).
Solution for PC, tablet, smartphone
Securing your data
Securing your data

Respect for the confidentiality and security of your medical data

The privacy and security of your health data are at the heart of our Concerns. That's why your personal data:
  • are hosted on an HDS environment certified by the Ministry of Health
  • remain your property and we won't do anything about it without your explicit consent
  • are under your control: accessible, editable, deliable at any time
  • are only used to help your doctor better care for you
  • will never be sold or rented to third parties, but only shared with the doctors you have validated
And if you allow us to do so, we will use data from your medical records (without your personal information) to advance medical knowledge by learning from diagnoses and the effectiveness of treatments.

idea Did you know that? Anamnese helps you to prepare your anaesthesia consultations

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No need for paper forms! Our Anam'nesthesia software assesses all risks with you before the operation in your language and at your own pace, so that you can feel more confident before your anesthesia

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