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Privacy and privacy policy - ANAMNESE

The purpose of this privacy Policy

We take the security of personal data very seriously, whether it's health data or personal data. Anamnesis is committed to ensuring the best level of protection of your personal data and to respecting French and European regulations on the protection of personal data (the Computer Science and Freedoms LIL Act of 6 January 1978, Act No. 2018-493 of June 20, 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations of April 27, 2016 (later RGPD)).

Through this privacy policy, Anamnese aims to present how your personal data is protected.

This privacy policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of Anamnese..

Processing Manager / Subcontractor

As part of its activities, Anamnesis operates primarily as a subcontractor acting on the instruction of its clients who are responsible for the treatment. These customers are companies, institutions or health professionals (when you give your consent to Anamnese to share your data with health professionals). As part of these treatments, Anamnesis collects data of a on behalf of its clients (responsible for processing). Example: The Anamnesis CovidHelp app. In addition acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use and this Data Protection Policy, by connecting Anamnese services, users give their consent to Anamnesis to process their personal data on behalf of the customer concerned.

Apart from the treatments carried out on behalf of its clients (responsible for the treatment), Anamnesis acts as a Responsible for the treatment. These treatments concern the creation of user account, navigation on the site, use of Anamnese services without contacting a health professional, the contacts made from the Anamnese website and the statistical study on the use of its applications.

Treatment ends

Namnesis wants to make medical consultations more effective preparing them upstream with patients, in their languages and at their convenience. The information thus collected is returned with the permission of patients to the health professionals to enable them to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis more quickly and facilitate patient follow-up and monitoring. Our goal is to make it possible to improve patient care, and free up more time for exchange between healthcare professionals and patients.

Using algorithms based on questionnaires drawn up by health professionals, Anamnesis adapts these questionnaires based on user responses and evaluates and transforms responses into scores. These are available to the health care professional to help him make his decision.

The services offered by Anamnese are also intended to enable its customers to follow up their employees through their health service, to have real-time visibility on the resources available to manage a business continuity plan and inform employees of the tailored to their situation.

Data collected and its use

We are committed to collecting the minimum amount of data necessary for the proper operation services provided by Anamnesis.

When you create your file on www.anamnese.me, or on behalf of our customers, personal data collected are, among other things, information

We ask you to be as comprehensive and honest as possible when responding to this questionnaire, it will allow the doctor to clarify his diagnosis. You can at the end of your history reread and correct if you need the information you have provided.

Administrative and health information is collected so that you can contact you and help you to prepare the most accurate diagnosis possible. They will be communicated to the professional health care if you agree to it. They are encrypted and stored on a given approved health server. No one but you and the health care staff you allow access to it. At any time, you can view or change the elements of your health record.

Under Article 1142-28 of the Public Health Code, we are obliged to retain 10 years if a doctor in a liberal practice has access to it, 20 years if it is a professional public or private health facility.

mdi-chevron-right Notify you of the incident as soon as possible

mdi-chevron-right Notify the relevant authorities (C.N.I.L.) within 72 hours of the incident being reported.

mdi-chevron-right Examine the causes of the incident and inform you of them

mdi-chevron-right Take the necessary measures within reason to mitigate the negative effects and harm that may result from the said incident

Under no circumstances can the commitments defined in the above point relating to notification in the event of a security breach be assimilated to any admission of fault or liability for the occurrence of the incident in question.

In accordance with the data protection and General Data Protection Regulations (GDP) provisions of Law 2018 2018, individuals have the following rights:

mdi-chevron-rightRight of access (Article 15 of the RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightRight to rectify (Article 16 of the RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightRight to be erased: Right to be forgotten (Article 17 of the RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightRight to limit treatment (Article 18 of the RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightRight to portability of personal data (Article 20 RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightOpposition law (Article 21 of the RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightRight to refuse to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling (Article 22 of the RGPD)

mdi-chevron-rightRight to withdraw consent at any time (Article 13 paragraph 2-c of the RGPD)

When your personal data is processed based on your consent, you can exercise your rights at all times by emailing us dataprivacy@anamnese.me. The Anamnese team will respond to your request 30 days after this request.

If Anamnesis acts as a subcontractor on behalf of a processing manager, in order to assist the processing manager in fulfilling his obligation to respond to requests to exercise the rights of the persons concerned, Anamnesis will transfer this request to the processing manager and proceed with its execution on the instruction of the person in charge of the treatment.

Anamnese undertakes to apply this privacy policy, respond to requests from those concerned regarding their rights and ask the user for a new agreement of the latter in the event of its evolution. Under no circumstances is your personal data used for any purpose other than that of the services cited.

Anamnese is committed to ensuring that all of its subcontractors comply with the R.G.P.D.

In addition, in accordance with the R.G.P.D. we have appointed a Data Protection Delegate (D.P.O.): Mourad GHOMARI.

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