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You will find below the answers to the questions you ask yourself.

Puis-je remplir une anamnèse sans créer de compte ?

Yes you can fill in an anamnesis without having to create an account and print your results for your medical consultation! However, you won't be able to use different features such as reuse past data to make a future diagnosis even more accurate. Hence we advice, at the end of your anamnesis to create an account where your information will be saved.

Comment avoir accès à mes anciens formulaires ?

To access your past anamnesis, simply log in to your Anamnese account: your old forms are available in the 'My Anamnesis' section, in the menu on the left.

Combien me coûte une anamnèse ?

For patients, Anamnesis is a totally free service, regardless of the number of anamnesis performed.

Les informations que j’ai rempli sont-elles vérifiées par un médecin ?

Anamnesis does not perform a diagnosis. Our solution assists your doctor. The description that you will find below is only indicative and it does not replace a consultation with your doctor.

Qui a accès à mes informations ?

It is up to you to decide who has access to your information: doctors, nurses, caregivers, emergency personnel / firefighters: We do not share your information without your prior consent.

Avec qui puis-je partager mes informations ?

You can share your information with various health professionals: doctors, caregivers, nurses, first aiders. Only health professionals can access them.

Dois-je remplir l’anamnèse avant ou après avoir pris rendez-vous chez le médecin ?

You can complete an anamnesis before or after making an appointment, it remains accessible and modifiable if your symptoms evolve.

Je suis à l’étranger, puis-je tout de même utiliser Anamnèse ?

Yes ! Fill in your Anamnesis and the doctor who will take care of you will receive a complete translation.

Puis-je modifier mes informations administratives ?

If you have changed your address, phone number or location, you can make these changes in your patient area in the menu on the left.

Combien de temps ai-je pour remplir le formulaire ?

For a consultation with a general practitioner or to prepare a consultation with a specialist, you have until the appointment time to do so. The anamnesis remains editable and you can return to it at any time.

Je ne comprends pas la question, ou les réponses ne correspondent pas à mon ressenti, que faire ?

You can, through the comments function, tell us what you think is an anomaly suggest changes or tell us

Combien de temps dure une anamnèse ?

You can begin your Anamnesis wherever you are, it has several stages: they can be longer or shorter depending on your symptoms. The more questions you answer, the more complete the doctor's summary will be.

Puis-je remplir un formulaire pour quelqu’un d’autre ?

You can fill out a form for someone else, just specify it at the beginning of the anamnesis.

Je ne sais pas quelle spécialité choisir, comment faire?

If you do not know which specialty to choose according to your symptoms, we advise you to begin anamnesis in general medicine; by answering the various questions, our assistant will redirect you to the adapted specialty to better identify your problems!

Dois-je systématiquement apporter/imprimer mes résultats avec moi chez le médecin ?

If your doctor uses our app, you will not need to print your results because they will be able to access it from their personal space.

Comment prendre rendez-vous avec un médecin en téléconsultation ?

On the results page, select 'Telemedicine' and then choose the agency of your choice. You do not have to choose the same agency for each teleconsultation.

Comment prendre rendez-vous avec un médecin en cabinet ?

On your results page, select 'Appointment with a doctor', then choose the specialty, your city and the country.

Mes symptômes ont évolué depuis que j'ai commencé à remplir mon anamnèse, comment puis-je y apporter des modifications ?

This feature is being developed, you will soon be able to resume your Anamnesis to specify changes. But be aware that the history of the symptoms is extremely important. And these variations will allow your health care professional to better assess the causes of your problem, to better address them.

De quoi ai-je besoin pour remplir une anamnèse ?

To fill an anamnesis it is necessary to be connected to a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network; indeed, the questions are not predefined, they are chosen according to your symptoms. You will be asked to complete your medical and surgical history as well as your current treatments.

Comment débuter une anamnèse ?

To begin your Anamnesis, you can either indicate your symptoms directly in the search bar, or click on 'Start'

Pour quels symptômes puis-je utiliser Anamnèse ?

Whatever your symptoms, you can use Anamnesis by choosing the appropriate specialty. If you are unsure about the specialty, simply choose 'General Medicine' and our assistant will give the questions based on your symptoms.

Comment s’inscrire sur Anamnèse ?

To register, simply click * here * and fill in the different fields. Your information is protected and you can change it at any time.

Comment réinitialiser mon mot de passe ?

To reset your password, click * here * and enter the email address you registered with. You will receive a link to create a new password.

Comment annuler un rendez-vous ?

To cancel an appointment with a health professional, you must contact him directly.