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Prix Galien 2019 in the e-health category

Anamnese won the Prix Galien on 16 December 2019

Created in 1970, the Prix Galien recognizes outstanding, recent and publicly available health innovations.

"Reward, bring out, and celebrate the medical excellence of tomorrow

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At the request of the Hôtel-Dieu du Creusot (SOS Group) emergency service and the establishment of accommodation for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) in the Creusot department, Anamnese has developed Géri'App, the EHPAD city-hospital care coordination tool
Assisted by the AI solution of Anamnesis, the nurse structures a medical file, based on from which he/she requests a tele-expertise opinion and then submits it to the attending physician, coordinator or, failing that, to the hospital geriatrician, so that everyone can, even at a distance (via chat or video), quickly assess the patient's case and indicate the appropriate course of action. The objective being to limit the sending from the resident to the emergency room when possible.

regulate emergencies

Experimentation within the Hôtel Dieu du Creusot

To date, Geri'App has been experimented free of charge between EHPAD, attending physicians and Hôtel-Dieu du Creusot. The term model involves funding by the hospital (subscription per month per physician) plus a subscription per month per patient for the EHPAD (to be deducted from the personalised autonomy assistance) and no contribution for the attending physician. The company plans to present Anamnesis as a tele-expertise tool, thus allowing the health professionals to be paid

SOS Group
care pathway
care pathway

A tool to facilitate home care

Today, 1.2 million French people are over 85 years old, 50% of whom are in EHPAD. Each elderly person consults 2.3 times higher than the national average (source: Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics Directorate). However, in 2050, 5 million French people will be over 85 years old. To meet these challenges, we want to extend the use of Geri'App for home support, by assisting nurses and caregivers to intervene at the bedside patient by relying on local medical expertise.


The video pitch of the finalists

We were 8 finalists on November 14th to present our respective projects.

Relive the final through the video pitchs


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